Regulatory Genomics and Human Disease Laboratory

In the regulatory genomics laboratory we use genomic technologies to understand the regulation of cell type, chromatin and human disease.

The New

2021.05 - Collaborator's publication: Zhao Xiaoying and co. publish their analysis of the chromatin accessibility in Primordial Germ Cells. Read more in Stem Cell Reports.

2021.03 - New publication: With He Jiangping, and Chen Jiekai for the GRMH-GDL we describe a new method to analyse transposable elements in single-cell data in Nature Communications

2021.02 - New publication: We publish our review on chromatin and epigenetic rearrangements in embryonic cell types in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

2020.12 - Collaborator's publication: Yao Hongjie and Song Yawei publish their work on UV damage and BRD5 in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences

2020.10 - Collaborator's publication: Qin Baoming and Huang Yinghua publish about the role of KLF4 and JMJD3 in reprogramming in Nature Communications

2020.09 - Collaborator's publication: Yao Hongjie and Hu Gongcheng publish their work on CTCF and binding partners in Nucleic Acids Research

2020.09 - New lab member, welcome to Shi Liyang, just starting her Masters.

2020.08 - New Publication: In a nice two for one, Ma Gang publishes his work on the unified analysis of ChIP-seq (and any peak-like -seq data) in Methods in Molecular Biology, and also moves on to a PhD studentship!