Regulatory Genomics and Human Disease Laboratory

In the regulatory genomics laboratory we use genomic technologies to understand the regulation of cell type, chromatin and human disease.

The New

2019.11 - New Publication: Simon publishes his computational tool DPre, that predicts cell type differentiation-bias from bulk samples in Bioinformatics

2019.11 - Farewell to Chen Minchun!

2019.08 - Collaborators publication: Congrats to Vikas and Ralf on their comprehensive study on the role of OCT family members in reprogramming, published in Nature Communications

2019.08 - Farewell to Zhong Qihua, moving onto bigger and better things!

2019.05 - New publication: Isaac publishes his views on dealing with the mapping, and assembly of RNA-seq technologies in Comp Struc Biotech J

2019.04 - Collaborators Publication: Li Jiao and Yao Hongjie publish a new study about the function of alternative splicing variants of CTCF in Nature Communications 

2019.02 - Collaborators Publication: Chen Jiekai and Pei Duanqing publish their single cell RNA-seq study on reprogramming in Molecular Cell!

2019.01 - New Publication: A new paper in Nature communications. Read about our exploration of transposable elements in embryonic stem cells! Our work was featured on the Editors Highlights page on genomes and epigenomes.

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