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Regulatory Genomics and Human Disease Laboratory

In the regulatory genomics laboratory we use genomic technologies to understand the regulation of cell type, chromatin and human disease.

The New

2023.08 - Collaborators: Li Dongwei publishes on the role of c-JUN in cardiomyocyte differnetiation in Life Science Alliance

2023.07 - New publication: Fu Xiuling publishes her new work on somatic cell reprogramming of transformed cancerous-like cells in Cell Death Discovery

2023.07 - Collaborators: Xiao Bo and team publish their work in Rheb signalling in oligodendrocytes in Cell Reports

2023.05 - Graduation: Congrats to Shi Liyang for graduating

2023.05 - Collaborators: Zhao Xiaoyang and Tang Fuchou publish their work on reprogramming of germ cells in Protein & Cell.

2023.01 - Collaborators: Ralf Jauch publishes his new work on Oct4 regulation of cpG sequences in Nucleic Acids Research

2022.12 - Collaborators: He Jiangping and Chen Jiekai publish new work on TET1 regulation of TEs in Cell Reports

2022.10 - New publication: Chen Chang publishes his work on m6A editing on specific transcripts using a Cas13a-METTL3/FTO based system in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

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