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Regulatory Genomics and Human Disease Laboratory

In the regulatory genomics laboratory we use genomic technologies to understand the regulation of cell type, chromatin and human disease.

The New

2023.01 - Collaborators: Ralf Jauch publishes his new work on Oct4 regulation of cpG sequences in Nucleic Acids Research

2022.12 - Collaborators: He Jiangping and Chen Jiekai publish new work on TET1 regulation of TEs in Cell Reports

2022.10 - New publication: Chen Chang publishes his work on m6A editing on specific transcripts using a Cas13a-METTL3/FTO based system in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

2022.08 - Collaborators: Zhao Xiaoyang and co. publish their work on round spermatid injection embryos using single cell sequencing in Science Advances

2022.07 - Happy to present our new work, with Tong Guoqing at Shuguang University in Shanghai on mechanisms behind how human embryos arrest. You can read about the work in PLOS Biology, and there is a lot of media coverage, which is nice!

2022.07 - A productive month, Ma Gang published his review in Frontiers in Genetics, Isaac publishes about non-coding RNAs, and assembly of them in BMC Genomics

2022.04 - Congrats to Deng Boping for graduating!

2022.04 - Welcome to Zhou Xuemeng!

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